I AM: The Transformation of Tragedy into Triumph

Born amidst the deepest of sorrows, a beacon of hope pierced through the darkness, breaking the chains of despair. This is the journey of a profound transformation, sparked by the words "I AM Okay." From the depths of grief arose a newfound strength, leading to the creation of a pioneering activewear brand and a personal resurgence in health and fitness, all in honor of a cherished son's memory.

I AM Activewear is a testament to the power of hope and transformation. It's a brand that transcends the realm of fashion, embodying empowerment, wellness, and a personal narrative of a mother's love and resilience.

On May 28th, 2016, I experienced the most devastating event of my life: the loss of my son, Lee. At the age of 32, he was taken away from us due to a massive heart attack, a complication arising from a rare blood clotting disease, antiphospholipid syndrome, he'd battled for 8 long years. His passing thrust me into a state of profound grief and depression; I stopped being active and, as a result, gained over 40 pounds.

In the midst of this pain, a vivid dream became a turning point. My son appeared before me, saying, "Mom, look at me, I AM okay. You've always dreamed of participating in fitness competitions. Now it's time you pursue that and while you're at it, why not create fitness apparel too? You've always wanted to do that too."

That dream sparked a revival. Waking up with newfound determination, I shared my resolution with my husband. I would reclaim my health, lose weight, and start on the path to a life filled with fitness. He began photographing my transformation, capturing the visible changes as I began my journey back to wellness.

Over the next 8 months, I worked tirelessly with a devoted trainer. We not only reshaped my body but also rebuilt my life. I started participating in Bikini competitions for women of all ages, achieving victories multiple times.

As the world began grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself in a contemplative state. My son’s [Lee’s] words from my dream echoed in my ears, inspiring me to bring his vision of creating activewear to life. Throughout my fitness journey, I'd always found something lacking in the workout outfits I wore. I decided to create clothes that would not only be functional during workouts but also stylish enough for a casual brunch with friends, and then transition smoothly into a gym session.

The search for a perfect brand name led me to the words that encapsulated the essence of my brand – positive, spiritual, empowering – "I AM". A divine echo of my son's words, "Mom, I AM Okay." Thus, "I AM Activewear" was born.

Upon designing numerous outfits, the next crucial step was to create a logo that embodied the essence of our journey - the enduring presence of Lee in my heart and the transformative power of fitness in my life. I envisioned a heart pierced by a barbell, a poignant tribute to Lee's memory and a representation of my newfound strength. The logo, like the brand, serves as a beacon of inspiration and a testament to a healthier, fulfilling life through fitness.

It is my deepest hope that I AM Activewear can inspire and motivate people to lead active lifestyles. The right clothing can provide comfort, flexibility, and function, allowing individuals to enjoy various sports, workouts, and outdoor activities with ease. Wearing something that makes you feel good can boost your confidence and overall well-being, encouraging you to remain active.

In essence, I hope that everyone who wears I AM Activewear feels the life pulsating within them, inspires them to be active, to stay active, and to live a more fulfilling, healthier life.

With Love and Gratitude,

Juline "Juls" Gurney