I AM Activewear Story

I absolutely live in activewear since I’m a fitness trainer and competitor, so I’m in the gym every day.

I realized that people make decisions on who they think I AM within the first few seconds of seeing me at the gym, walking around or even shopping.

They always approached me to ask where I purchased my activewear.

I realized what I chose to wear can tell people a lot about not just who I am, but also what is my ambitions, my goals, am I successful, am I strong, am I confident and even am I real. 

You see…
It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, what you choose to wear can affect not just your own self-image or what others think of you, but also the way people should gravitate towards you. 

I AM Activewear was created to do the talking for you. Not only wearing the clothes will encourage you to be active, but it will also tell others who you are. 

Juline ‘Juls’ Gurney